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The Chabloz ORTHOPEDIE company  was created on 1st of October 2001, after the division of the company ISERE ORTHOPEDICS (created in January 1988), in which Mr Pierre Chabloz was co-manager.

Current staff

165 people including 60 qualified Orthopaedists 




  • 5 Orthopaedic Companies with  manufacturing workshops : GRENOBLE - LYON - ANNECY - NICE - MACON - MARSEILLE.
  • 6 Branches near Aix les bains (73)Ambérieu (01) (Atelier de fabrication)Valence (26), St-Vallier (26),Gap (05), Besançon (25), Dijon (21) et St Jean Bonnefonds (42).
  • A training  company in Grenoble
  • A company for the development  and distribution of components for fitting prosthetics

The parent company is located in Grenoble, it is the site of the development of different protocols and company policy. The satellite companies work with this system easily.


Mainly production of:

  • Lower limb Prosthetic
  • Lower limb orthotics
  • Trunk Orthotics
  • Seat braces  with  customised positionning adaptations
  • Upper limb prosthetics with myoelectric technology

More generally, the manufacture in our workshops of all types of orthotics and prosthetics for upper and lower limbs by specialized technicians.


The Chabloz ORTHOPEDIE company has been ISO 9001 certified since November 2004 and has been an approved training organization since October 2005,
seminars and trainings are held regularly on our specific manufacturing techniques.

The team works with rehabilitation specialists (physical medicine and rehabilitation, specialized rehabilitation centers, orthopedic centers) in the Rhône-Alpes. Some of our patients come from far away to benefit from our expertise.

We offer devices for patients with different types of disabilities, but the manufacture of prostheses remains our priority.

We have always developed new techniques that have benefitted athletes, as well as all our patients.

The entire team regularly attends training courses adapted to different technical requirements that our business is submitted to.


Pierre Chabloz gives courses in fitting:

  • At the Orthopaedic school in Valence to students in the second year of BTS, about 80 hours per year
  • At the School of Physiotherapy in Grenoble, 8 hours per year