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Corsets seats are used in cerebral palsy (BMI) against postural deficits induced by growth from early childhood through adolescence.

We manufacture for the youngest children, corset seats through casting or measurement.

These fairly simple corsets are generally manufactured in rigid thermoformed polyethylene on one or several layers of polyethylene foam (plastazote, or Evazote, or Biosoft).

The choice of foam is decided on according to age (growth), build and possible future deformations of the patient.

We pay special attention in the taking of casts when it is needed. Its done as far as is possible in a sitting position, using the technique initiated by B. Dujardin.

All additions are possible: adjustable headrest, rolling stand, footrest, table top, abduction hold, harness straps, etc ...

All our seat braces come with a thermoformed seat cover , comfortable, attractive, washable and removable.


Foam Seat Braces

Additionally we make seat braces sculpted directly in foams of different densities according to our needs.


The Injected Foam

This technique involves manufacturing a moulded seat with thick foam padding, required for a comfortable sitting position in the most difficult cases.
(eg Bultex).

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