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The "Fast Scan" system

This system has been designed to acquire the three-dimensional image (3D Capture) of a part of the body without direct contact.

Unlike traditional mould-making using casting bandages, the capture of form is clean and painless using a laser beam.

The scanner offers an effective solution, mainly when dealing with major fractures of the spine for which movement is risky.

This technique is more accurate than plaster-casting.


The principle:

A transmitter broadcasts a spherical magnetic field of 1 meter radius .

The laser gun sends a beam onto the form. When the beam comes into contact with the body, it materializes on the screen of the computer. This acquisition takes only one minute maximum.

The information captured is then transferred to a rectification software  (RODIN 4D) and can be stored in a file.
The correction is done by computer, and can be performed locally by the pluridisciplinaire team (physicians, physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons) to give the corset the desired shape.

There remains only to mill the positive in a block of polyurethane foam. The

corset is then manufactured conventionally.