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The Scoliosis corset

Scoliosis: It is characterized by a permanent deflection of the spine resulting from the progressive displacement of the vertebrae against each other in the three planes.

So there is a three-dimensional deformation of the spine.

This displacement is based on the three axes of rotation:

  • Lateral bending which corresponds to displacement in the frontal plane (front)
  • Flexion and extension that correspond to displacement in the sagittal plane (profile)
  • Rotation that corresponds to the displacement of the vertebrae around the perpendicular plane of the two vertebral bodies (near to horizontal). This last displacement is necessary and sufficient for diagnosis.

The corset is designed to fight against these deformations.

This type of corset is made from a scan, on which we superimpose X rays front / profile.

Corrections are made using a 3D software that allows us to handle the volume of the patient, in addition to corrections (angulation, rotation ...)

For example, we cite the case of a left-lumbar scoliosis, right thoracic (most common). We apply a posterior support to the lumbar curvature with a maximum action on those vertebra the most shifted outwards.
This support is strengthened by an opposing support which is going to be on the front right. This pair of forces will operate against deviation and rotation.

For thoracic curvature, we use the same procedure by pressing against the rib cage hump. At this level, we practice right posterolateral support to apply maximum force from the side which affects the vertebra the most shifted outwards.
Similarly, we will have an anterior counter-support located opposite to fight effectively against deviation and rotation.


There are many types of corsets. There are two main groups:

The corset with adjustable parts:

  • Lyon corset
  • 3 points
  • 4 points
  • Garchois corset (for paralytic scoliosis)
  • modular Berckois corset
  • 3 D


All-in-One Corsets :

  • The BOSTON
  • C. T. M. (Cheneau Toulouse Munster)
  • Cheneau corset
  • C. A. E. N. S. corset
  • The B. J. (Body Jacket)
  • The Charleston

There is also a collar corset for the highest curvatures: the Milwaukee corset.


We mainly use three of these corsets:

  • the Milwaukee
  • C. T. M
  • Garchois corset
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