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3S socket (Silicon Suction Socket)

It includes a silicone liner, in woven elastic and semi-rigid fabric, made from a cast on the patient.

The principle of this liner is to apply a decreasing restraint from bottom to top, through two calculated parameters: tightening / circumferential elasticity (related to the strength of the silicone used)

By design the liner has no vertical elasticity to avoid the effects of friction through pistonning.

A second casting is done on the liner in place and allows us to manufacture  a socket with fully distributed pressures, strictly adhering to the volumes of the contained stump  for maximum accuracy and assured comfort.

A thin foam liner with a semi-rigid cover allows us to handle carefully the areas of expansion into the socket at the level of the bone relief, without losing control and support of the volumes.

The "wheel" distal attachment ensures perfect attachment with a perfect fit.

This type of socket requires a special skill, and a mastery of materials, offering many advantages despite being difficult to put on :

  • The medical silicone used protects sensitive skin (eg a grafted stump).
  • The silicone liner is washable.
  • The pressure applied by the liner ensures a better blood reflux and removes perspiration.
  • The precision is given by this system is appreciated by very active patients.
  • The precise allocation of support and the distal attachment allow for greater mobility as the hamstring and sub-patellar tendons are not compressed.
  • The thinness of the materials provided allows finer aesthetics.
  • The manufacture is carried out entirely in our workshop, allowing us to manage and control all parameters.

Thus, this technique is perfected over time and through experience. (Eg improving the flexibility in the popliteal region for improved bending; technical development for the insertion of pads of different hardness in distal areas for greater tolerance, etc ...)

The 3S socket is perhaps not the most efficient for sports use such as sprinting or jumping given the lack of padding, but it's certainly the most comfortable  and most reliable because it obliges no connection to the femoral segment and allows for great mobility. It is practical for daily life, and the materials used are solid.

The counter-indications are the length of the stump for a problem of blocking of  the distal attachment, excessive swinging, sweating, scars introverted scars.

The 3S socket requires daily hygiene.

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