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Through the development of the Flexfoot foot for practicing sport a family of feet were born adapted to the needs of the general public.

It is proposed to very active amputees.

The Modular III  Flexfoot foot

It represents the basic principle of this family : A main carbon blade, the curvature and stiffness are calculated to compress under the effect of the  patients weight, and return all the stored energy. The secondary blade heel crushes dynamically at heel strike.

So it's a very dynamic foot that allows the practice of sport without restraint.

For walking in everyday life, the right choice is made among the nine modules of hardness offered (depending on the patient's weight and dynamism) allows for efficient and appreciated use.

The hardness of the heel is modifiable, this allows fine adjustments to suit the style of walking.

The semi-rigid cosmetic cover assures the maintenance of the shoe without however giving great aesthetic quality.

Flexfoot feet are very strong and very reliable, and their weight is low.

The Flexfoot M III foot  is proposed to tibial amputees where the stump is not too long

The variations of this foot are:

Variflex foot

Surmounted by a carbon tube which adapts easily to standard connections.


The Flexwalk foot

The main blade makes a curve at 180 ° to provide a higher base level.


The TALUX foot

This foot consists of two carbon blades connected by a strap and a central elastomer core.
It is very flexible and adapts to uneven terrain and slopes.
Despite a size of 16.5 cm, its suitable for all types of amputation.


The Ceterus

The Ceterus is an energy return foot set with torsion shock absorber .
We select from the beginning some initial torque resistance depending on the activity and vitality of the patient. The shock absorber is adjustable with a pneumatic pump.

The size of this foot is about 23 cm, and there is also a shorter module without pneumatic adjustment.


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