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Contact socket with polyethylene foam liner

The polyethylene foam liner is made through molding according to the configuration of the stump, perfectly respecting the volumes.

The pressure is distributed across the whole of the socket always privileging the sub-patellar zone with counter politeal support (behind the knee) and under the medial condyle.

This socket can be made in resin or in carbon for an increase in weight and strength as well as in polypropylene in the case of a temporary prosthetic
This technnique of fitting prosthetics is suitable for most patients because of its simplicity, its ease of installation and its reliability. It has the advantage to be able to compensate for volume changes by locking onto the liner or through adding sheaths and socks.

It is not however always appropriate for very active patients nor for very fragile  stumps when the skin is fragile as rubbing may easily cause overheating and sweating.

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