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Contact socket  with prefabricated liner

The arrival on the market of new materials allows us to offer prefabricated silicone liners in silicon gel or polyurethane gel or in thick copolymer to respond to the various problems of the stump (skin grafts, scars, adhesion, skin sensitivity, allergies, neuromata etc ....)

The wide range of existing products allows us to make the best choices based on the virtues of each of material, and of the sizes, shapes and thicknesses available.

The support is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the stump through millimeter  handling of the volume of the socket.

It is preferably made from carbon to obtain increased rigidity without excess weight.

These liners are easy to put on and are washable. However, they are fragile and must be renewed frequently.

The attachment may be distal or proximal:

  • The distal attachment is reliable, but entails a piston movement  because of the vertical elasticity of the liner, which makes the prosthesis heavy and imprecise.
  • The proximal attachment through the use of the silicone knee support making the casing airtight, offering more precision through the bonding effect , but its fragility can be suspect. This is probably the most powerful system and the most comfortable for a period of short intense activity. (Example: running, brisk walking).
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