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This brace is designed to fight against an equine or an equino varus of various kinds (hemiplegia, impairment of the peroneal nerve, etc.).

It consists of a leg part with an internal mounting and an external palette, if necessary, to fight against varus.

This mounting is extended by a Equine limiting joint using a fixed or dynamic stop leaving the complete dynamic range of motion on the level of the dorsiflexion of the ankle. The rigid stop will be preferred when spasticity is important. The anti-steppage action happens due to the spring included in the joint.

These braces also have the role to fight against a knee recurvatum.

At the lower end of the joint, a bracket is included in the moulded liner that connects the leg to the pedal part.

This brace is closed by a Velcro on the leg and a strap at the ankle if it is necessary to increase the control of the varus.

This device is made from a plaster mold in the corrected position. The frame of the brace is generally in carbon and to improve comfort it may be padded with foam or skins.

The advantage of this brace is its scalability through adjustment of the anti equine stop. The Practitioner, the Doctor or Physiotherapist can adjust this stop at any time . The choice of stopping system is reversible, throughout the progress of rehabilitation it is possible to use the dynamic stop to improve the walk and to increase muscle strength.


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