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The Feet are fixed into sockets (for the classification of the feet you should refer to the paragraphs on the tibial or femoral prostheses).

The « House » carbon blade

Mostly we use pre-impregnated carbon blades custom made by us.

This personalisation allows us to custom accommodate some specific parameters:

  • the shape of the patient's foot
  • the desired heel height
  • the patient weight
  • their activity level

The Allurion, Ossur (unranked)

Dynamic carbon foot on the principle of the Flex Foot. It is a single blade, its size varies between 51 and 54 mm. A  pyramidal core allows for an optimum adjustment of the prosthesis.
It is lightweight and comes in several models depending on weight and patient activity. It is solid and reliable. A rigid plastic cosmetic shell retains the foot in the shoe.


The Low Profile Syme, Ossur (unranked)

The dynamic foot of the carbon Flex Foot range. Its a double carbon blade  whose size varies between 51 and 54 mm. The socket is mounted directly onto a strip of carbon that allows reduction of  the size of the foot. It is solid and reliable while remaining lightweight. There are several models according to the weight and  the activity of the person. A cosmetic shell is also provided.


The Syme Flex Foot, Flex Foot (unlisted)

A blade that works on the same principles as the vari-flex blade : fixed at the back of the socket to maximize the strength of the blade. Its small size is 44 mm. Depending on the size of the stump, it can pose a problem of space to achieve the aesthetics of the prosthesis.


The Chopart, Flex Foot (unlisted)

Foot from the Flex Foot range. Double dynamic carbon blade. It’s size is only 10 mm. The socket is mounted onto the blade. The aesthetics of the foot is limited to a block of foam to sculpt.


The Springlite Chopart II Protéval (unlisted)

Dynamic carbon blade made according to the patients activity and weight. Its size is 15 mm. The socket is directly bonded to the blade. A resistant shell in silicone covers the blade.


The Springlite Low Profile, Protéval (listed)

This is the equivalent to the Allurion. Its size is 56 mm. It is attached with a nut under the control socket. A cosmetic shell covers the blade.


The Pirogoff (1P9)foot, Otto Bock (listed as a standard foot )

The shape of the foot allows for fixing the socket, it provides no energy for walking. It is unobtrusive and aesthetically correct.
In all cases, the dynamic  blade will give better efficiency if they are placed in a high socket to transmit the force of the carbon blade on any tibial stop.


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