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HIP parts

There are several hip pieces:

The  7E7  joint (Otto Bock)

This is the hip piece most commonly used. It is lightweight, reliable and above all, it  emerges out of the shell in sitting positon  thus avoiding an imbalance on the chair.


The Helix (Otto Bock)

The Helix is a multiaxial hip joint assisted by a hydraulic control.
The axes of the rods have a false parallel to the horizontal plane which provokes an external rotation of the prosthetic leg during the first part of the swing phase, to counter the reverse movement of the pelvis and guide the pendular motion of the prosthesis in the axis of the walk.

The regulation of the hydraulic swing phase allows to adjust the range of movement of the step length and harmonize the pace, adjusting separately the resistance to bending and to extension.

Its Poly-axial geometry results in a reduction of about one centimetre over the height of the prosthesis during the swing phase. This enables a balanced assembly while stationary while ensuring the passage of insecure step.

Two polyurethane tensors are called into action during the loading to prepare
For hip flexion in the late stance phase, thus preventing the patient from arching their back to
initiate the swing phase. This saves the patient's energy for walking on the flat and down hills.

For best results, the Helix hip piece is exclusively fitted with the C-Leg knee.

Respecting the theoretical height thanks to its geometry, avoiding the "kidney hit" to initiate the swing phase through polyurethane tensors, managing the pace with the hydraulic control system and compensating for rotations through non-parallel axes, The Helix hip piece provides safe, economical, physiological and dynamic walking.

The fitting and adjustment of this equipment, however, requires special rigour and appropriate knowledge, acquired through a specific training.

We hold the necessary certification for the implementation of the Helix

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