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The most widespread method nowadays is the socket we call « contact »

The stump is inserted into the socket with a shoe-prosthesis that allows it to be used in contact with any surface, with a complete filling of the volume.

A valve closure provides the sealing of the socket needed for the suspension without further enhancement.

The materials used are acrylic resin or flexible thermoformables lined with a carbon structure to provide greater comfort and good mobility.

To improve the fitting and comfort in the socket, silicone interfaces have been developed, and there are now a large number of liners which have different characteristics. They can fit stumps with a fragile skin surface and the elderly due to their ease of implementation. It is thus possible to remove the suspension strap or harness.

The ALPS liner (Ortho-Plus ®), thin and flexible, seamlessly blending with the stump.

The 6Y80 liner (Otto Bock ®), self sliding for ease of fitting

The Seal In liner(Ossur ®), with its integrated sealing flange perfectly suited to tubular shaped stumps and easy to put on.


We use these standard silicon liners for temporary fitting until the stabilisation of the stump before moving onto personalised silicon liners

Since 1997, we have been able to develop and manage a more modern technique. It involves the construction of a silicone liner after molding, perfectly adapted to the shape, volume and tone of the stump, giving it a tighter more regular fit calculated for strong adhesion and beneficial restraint

This silicone liner is soft and comfortable and fittted easily through inversion.

Like this the stump is covered and unconstrained fits into a carbon socket which is equipped with a sealing ring, and an air ejection system which automatically ensures perfect coaptation.

This technique has revolutionized the equipping of active as well as older people.

Variations of this technique are also available to accommodate special cases:

  • Distal attachments for short stumps
  • Liner more elasticated for more flaccid stumps,
  • Molded silicone pad and welded for sensitive stumps or terminal supports
  • Etc ...

Each stage of the fitting is carried out in our workshop, allowing us to control all parameters and to adapt to each case.


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