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Type A Knees :

Secure locking phase of support, no control.


1M01 (Protéor)

Single axis knee with lock controlled by a joystick. Stiff walking, bending for a sitting position.
A geriatric use or for temporary prosthesis in a rehabilitation center.


3R15 (Otto Bock)

Single axis knee joint with a double articulation for instant locking in the stance phase. Call back to extension by spring with eversion.
It ensures maximum safety. This knee is highly reliable, easy to adjust and maintain.
There is a lighter version in titanium (3R49).


3R90 (Otto Bock)

Brand new knee, uses the same principle as the 3R15, more gently and releases the lock when the weight is on the forefoot. The recall to extension is adjustable.


1m02 (Protéor)

Knee with long rods. Its unique shape provides good safety, it has a recall to extension. It is light.


1M03 (Protéor)

With knee rods shorter than the 1M02. It is more dynamic. It has two settings for the position of the ICR by changing the geometry. It has a recall to extension. It is light.


3R20 (Otto Bock)

Rodded Knee . It is very reliable and solid, and allows many adjustments for safety and comfort. It has a recall to extension. There is a lighter version in titanium (3R36).


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