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Lower Limbs

The Artificial ‘Skin’ covering

‘Skin’ in  PVC

The  PVC ‘skin’ completely covers the prosthesis and is glued onto the top edge of the socket.

The colour is uniform and is chosen according to the skin colour of the person.

The toes are represented at the bottom.

They stain easily especially on contact with the shoe (the shoe dye fuses with the material) and they are quite heavy. PVC ages poorly over time.
But the advantage is that they are inexpensive and very strong

"DAWSKIN" (polyurethane paint)

This also covers the prostheses completely and  is glued onto the top edge of the socket.

The uniform colour is chosen from a range of colours, they can be chosen with or without toes.

The colour remains stable because they do not stain and are lightweight.


"PROCOSIL" ® cosmetic coating

Covering in silicone, polychrome, made from photos with a personalized coloring and nuanced appearence. It is suitable for foot energy release because it is reinforced in stress areas. It has very good reliability over time but is still quite expensive. An option exists with a separate big toe and even an option with hair!


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