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Close to the sporting spirit and motivated to allow everyone to fulfill his or her desires, we design and manufacture many specific devices for sport: such as specially designed protheses for skiing, biking, running, tennis , climbing, diving ... but also other technical aids on demand.

Lower limb prostheses are becoming more and more performant. This performance is due to the mastery of high-tech materials (carbon, silicone, polyurethane gel) and application techniques (even distribution of pressure, stability)

The orthotics have also become lighter, more efficient, better suited to sports (pre-impregnated carbon, elasticity, strength)


Athletic performance is directly related to the equipment:

  • Sport in question: the necessary amplitudes, functions required, etc ...
  • The level of amputation or disability: can lacking or insufficient functions be compensated for by an appliance?
  • The equipment or technical solutions available to us
  • The former practice of sport: you do not become a sportsperson because you are equipped with a prosthesis


Before considering an appliance:

  • In all cases it is necessary to make a thorough study of the effect of the disability on the sport concerned to find the optimal functional solution.
  • Before doing anything study the cinematics of the sport and clearly identify the required specifications


There are two types of sports prostheses :

  1. Prostheses designed for everyday life with advanced socket systems and high-technology prosthetic components.
  2. Specific sports prostheses for performance without compromise.






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