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All have their story, all are different, but they have one dream, football ...

Football for amputees was officially launched in Seattle in 1985 by an American Dee Malchow, herself amputated at the age of 19.

Although still in its infancy, amputee football has greatly expanded in recent years in several countries around the world with teams becoming better trained, better performing, competitions are held regularly opposing the best teams at European and international level.

Amputee football is distinguished first by its own rules in respect of the players and adaptability to this type of disability. These include the general rules applicable to all levels of competition, but they may still vary, as its a discipline that is still not widespread, and they largely follow those of the traditional FIFA rules for football, FIFA has itself  participated in the expansion of amputee football.

The first amputee football team was founded in France in April 2007 in Grenoble. This team has already participated in several international events and wants to promote the development of the sport in France.


General Rules

  • An amputee is defined as a person amputed at the ankle or wrist.
  • The players in the field can have two hands but only one leg. Goalkeepers may have two legs but only one hand.
  • The game is played with metal crutches and no prosthesis. An exception is allowed for the amputation of both legs, when they can then use a prosthesis.
  • Players cannot use their crutches to push voluntarily, control or block the ball. Such an action is considered a handball. However, if the ball touches a crutch by accident, the action is tolerated.
  • Players may not intentionally use their stump to push, control or block the ball. Such action is considered a handball . However, if the ball hits the stump involuntarily, the action is tolerated.
  • Shin guards are mandatory
  • The use of the crutch against another player results in their sending off and penalties.

If you are interested in this sport and would like to join the team in the Rhone Alps or create a team in another region, please contact Nabil (mail: NblLbh@aol.com 0687262 07).


For more information:

  • The site of the French team:




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