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The everyday prosthesis can be used for leisure sports.

For the tibial amputee the adding of a flexible thigh piece to the everyday prosthesis is essential for a better control of the prosthesis.

These thigh pieces can better control the prosthesis during a downhill skiing by reducing the rotation of the stump in the socket. Flexible joints help maintain the "back knee".

For highly performant athletes like Cedric (see photos)( France ski handisport) a prosthesis was specifically designed with:

  • Integrated flexible thigh piece
  • Sagittal plane alignment
  • Frontal plane alignment
  • Possibilty of changing settings
  • Guidance into the shoe

For the lack of suitable existing prosthetic, femoral amputees were out skiing on one leg supported by adapted ski sticks.

As well as to enable a femoral amputee to ski on both legs a Ski prosthetic has been specifically developed by Chabloz Orthopaedics – the PROCARVE 1 ® and PROCARVE II ®






Knee and Ski foot:

The PRO-Carve ® concept is a knee specifically for the practice of winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding.

It has been developed and completed through extensive experience gained by our company in this field since 1992 (the Olympic Games in Albertville), to meet a need: skiing effectively with a specific prosthesis.

It is a system with two pneumatic shock absorbers: one placed at the knee and the other at the ankle, allowing a triple flexion position.

The PRO-CARVE -I ® system , consisting of a FOX® shock absorber associated with our elastomer kit allow for great adjustability according to the patient and the type of skiing.

In 2010 a new version of PRO-CARVE ® came onto the market. This development, called PRO-CARVE 2 ® is more effective and stronger, pushing the boundaries of disability. In fact it allows even more flexibility . The absorbancy is adjustable for compression but also in relaxation. The absorption limits the imbalances and cushions the stress over the bone relief, while relaxation allows the dynamics to be sent back to the ski or board. These functions are performed by shock absorbers made specifically by Fournales for the PRO-CARVE ®.

This system is as good for skiing as for snowboarding.

These feet can be used directly on the ski or in a shoe.

It is adaptable to the existing socket and is marketed by CHABLOZ ORTHOPEDIE.





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