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Prosthesis tibial

Several options are possible in the case of trans-tibial amputation:

  • Virtually all types of sockets are suitable for this type of prosthesis.
    However, the "3S" type of socket is certainly the most appropriate and most efficient given the qualities of the silicone liner made for molding.
    The change of prosthesis (walking to bathing) can be done without removing the silicone liner, which facilitates fitting.
  • The addition of a silicone liner is still essential to isolate the stump from the wet.
    For intense activities (scuba diving, surfing, jet skiing, swimming competitions, etc. ...), the silicone liner can be made by molding for optimizing sealing and strength.
  • The ankle may be fixed (rigid) for those who do not want to swim.

The hollow structure of the prosthesis (exoskeleton) is intended to be filled with water during immersion, with a hole at the base of the unit, and another at the top of the shell for the air outlet . This process is reversed in leaving the pool so that the prosthesis will automatically regain its lightness.
The shell can still be kept completely sealed for uses such as for river fishing, showers, etc ...
For scuba diving, in order to manage the ballast , a single hole with a valve, allows filling to be measured as required.

On a purely aesthetic level, the work of our technicians allows for the true symmetry of shapes and volumes if there is no ankle joint.
The resin can be flesh-colour tinted or can be completely decorated with a selected Lycra pattern and injected.
A realistic and customised PVC or silicone coating can be added in the case of a completely sealed and rigid prosthesis.


Two dynamic feet have been selected the favorites for this type of prosthesis: Aqua 1WR95 foot (Otto Bock) will be offered if there is no ankle joint and a DYNASTEP (Proteor) foot which has the advantage of very low fixation of the ankle joint.
These feet are aesthetically correct, robust and reliable, they even allow the wearing of flip flops with a separate big toe.



The cost of such a prosthesis depends on the type of socket, ankle, foot and the possible aesthetic covering.
For each proposal an accurate quotation must be given.
Support from a sponsor is sometimes possible


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