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Silicone Prosthetics

We offer cosmetic silicone prostheses with customised colouring.

This type of prosthesis can be made for several kinds of amputation:

  • The hand
  • Partial hand

For partial or total amputations of hands to the finger joint  with a flexion of approximately 90 degrees to accommodate specific activities (eg typing ...) may be added

  • Finger (s)

We can also offer these kinds of manufacturing for prosthetic forearm and arm.

A transparent silicone base is found to be in choice of shapes, its created from the cast of the opposing limb (in the second case we obtain an exact replica).
This form of hand or transparent finger is then painted as closely as possible to the particularities of skin colour.

Despite the care we provide at this stage, the colour stays the same unlike the colour of the skin that varies throughout the day and according to exposure to the Sun .
The nails are also customized (in shape, in colour, and in length), they are made of resin and can be varnished.


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