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Myo electric Hands

The Speed Sensor Hand (Otto Bock)

It makes an opening / closing movement :the thumb is in opposition with the middle finger and the index finger, the other fingers are not articulated.

What characterizes it is its speed of opening and closing.

It contains six different operating programs. The technician can select and try different methods before committing to the one that best matches the patient's needs.
With MyoSelect , the technician can access the different programs of the hand.

A self-tightening sensor is placed in the thumb: for example, if the sensor feels the movement of friction when an object might slip, the prosthetic hand will tighten automatically.

The Michelangelo hand (Otto Bock)

The Myoelectric hand with five articulated fingers.

The wrist, its oval form (very aesthetic), can be flexible with flexion / passive extension or blocked at different angles.

The thumb can have two positions: either in a lateral position or in opposition to the middle and index fingers. The change in direction of the thumb is achieved myoelectrically through encoding the muscle contractions.

7 different movements are possible through myoelectric control.

This hand is not yet referenced in France and is not reimbursed by social security.


I-Limb hand (Touch Bionics)

Myoelectric hand with five articulated fingers: each finger includes a separate motor at its base and has two mobile control joints.

The thumb can have two positions: the transition from rest position to opposition of the thumb is done manually with the opposite hand.

5 different movements are possible.

This hand is not yet referenced in France and is not reimbursed by social security.


Pro digits system (Touch Bionics)

The only Myoelectric solution for partial amputations of hands, thanks to the incorporation of the fingers of the i-LIMB hand in a partial prosthetic hand.

It can be fitted for amputations from between 2 and 5 fingers

Each finger can be controlled independently or coupled in a group.

This system is not yet referenced in France and is not reimbursed by social security.


Transcarpienne hand (Otto Bock or Touch Bionic)

Myoelectric hand of small size  for  long forearm amputations and  for wrist disarticulation.


The Greifer (Otto Bock)

They are myoelectric pliers with a clamping force greater than a myoelectric hand.

They are pliers for work that can manipulate large objects.

An Ergo  swivel at its end also enables fine holds.


Child hand

There are 4 hand sizes for children aged from 2- to around 13 years old.

Only three fingers are active for opening and closing  the hand (the other 2 fingers are passive).

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