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Myoelectric Elbows

The 12K50 elbows

Allows for the flexion / extension of the forearm, it includes a mechanical assistance for bending and integrated connections in the joint (which avoids the passage of power cables outside the prosthesis).

Its uniqueness is that it allows for the locking / unlocking of the joint  through  control by myoelectric electrodes.

It weighs 675 g.


Elbow 12K100: Dynamic Arm Elbow

It includes four microcontrollers that regulate the movements of the prosthesis by myoelectric signals to the patient.

An integrated motor in the elbow, helped by the system for assisting bending, allows the flexion or the extension of the joint at different speeds.

Adjustments are made by the technician using special software.

Its charge time is on average 18 to 24 hours depending on its use.

In strength it can lift up to  6 kg  (the weight varies between 4, 5 and 6 Kg depending on the length of the forearm) in a range of between 15 and 145 °.

It weighs 960g.


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